Project work packages

The CO-COOL project, led by the University of Birmingham (UoB, UK), compromises one project management work package (WP), five technical WPs, and one dissemination WP.

Work package 1: Development and optimisation of composite sorbents/PCMs

  • Lead by CNR & UDL
  • Two technical approaches, microencapsulation and dry impregnation

Work package 2: Investigation on the flow, heat transfer, phase change behaviours of the phase change slurries

  • Lead by UDL, SFU & UIUC
  • Focus on MPCS and the gas hydrate slurry, especially CO2 hydrate slurry

Work package 3: Design and fabrication of modules and devices

  • Lead by UoB
  • Focus on the design and fabrication of the sorption reactors and PCM-integrated evaporators

Work package 4: Design and integration of the novel storage-integrated cooling systems

  • Lead by UoG
  • The integration of heat-driven adsorption cooling and cold
    thermal storage
  • The integration of VCR and cold storage using CO2 hydrate slurry
  • The cold energy transportation using the phase
    change slurries

Work package 5: Life cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economic analysis (TEA)

  • Lead by GEIRI
  • To ensure the developed process and devices environmentally sustainable on a life-cycle basis
  • Scale-up manufacturing of the composite materials
  • Perform a market analysis on cooling and cold storage

Work package 6: Dissemination, exploitation and

  • Lead by UoB
  • To ensure the project findings, progresses and achievements are communicated and disseminated to the specific target groups
  • Regular seminars and focused workshops are implemented


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