Project partners

The CO-COOL RISE project includes 17 partners with 7 based in EU member states (four academic institutions and three EU industrial partners) and 10 based in the non-associated third counties (TCs) namely China (four), USA (one), Canada (one), Singapore (one), Egypt (One), Chile (one), and Thailand (one). 

Prof. Luisa F. Cabeza

Dr. Alvaro de Gracia

Dr. Carles Mateu

Dr. Gabriel Zsemibinszki

Prof Xianglei Liu

Dr. Fengli Yang

Dr. Lili Yang


Ms. Teresa Botargues Giron

Dr. Lidia Navarro

Ms. Norma Jordana Berenguer

Dr. Yi JIN

Mr. Likui Weng

Ms Helen Wang

Dr YL Ding

Tamer Abdel Rehim

Ahmed Pasha

Adel Farouk

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